Yep (Shanghai) New Materials Tech. Co., Ltd is established in 2017 which is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of shapes 3D & Flat Powder Puffs in latex free,latex (SBR,NBR,NR),cleansing puffs in hydrophilic polyurethane, konjac fiber,cellulose. ...

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These Six Brushes,You

 When the professional makeup artist shakes the cosmetic bag, the rows of brushes of different shapes are often dazzling, and the number of doz

Cosmetic Sponge Tools

For a friend who is accustomed to make-up, a cosmetic sponge is an indispensable helper. Its biggest function is to clean the skin, and to push t

How To Use Foundation

Step 1: First with the foundation brush dipped in the middle color is close to the skin of the foundation liquid, in the cheekbones above, evenly

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