How To Use Foundation Brushes Correctly

Step 1: First with the foundation brush dipped in the middle color is close to the skin of the foundation liquid, in the cheekbones above, evenly smear.

Step 2: Then in the cheekbones, face abruptly place, coated with light-colored Foundation, pay attention to the depth of the junction should be evenly excessive, thus highlighting the face of the three-dimensional.

Step 3: Foundation liquid after the bottom, gently press the face with the hand, so that the foundation liquid better adhere in the face, sometimes for the convenience of simple, can also be used in the ordinary color and than its dark level of foundation two colors, the usual color coated in the whole face.

Step 4: With the ring finger gently apply the foundation liquid to the eye week, this can cover the pouch and dark circles of the problem, and then in the anterior corner of the eye below the cheekbones to clean up the white high light.

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